Learn to ride a jetski, jetbike, jetRIB or even all three with these action-packed
personal watercraft experiences. You'll love the sensation of utter speed as you
whizz over the water and as confidence builds, you'll be doing sliding turns and
cutting lines round buoys like there's no tomorrow!

As the venue is nice and family friendly, these experiences are a great excuse
for a day out with all the family to relax by the lake and watch all the action
taking place on the water too.
Hi there, fancy some cool fun new Activities this summer ?
Speed Boats too ...
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Wakeboarding and other water sports featured here
use a cable tow - it's a bit like a ski drag lift, but in
a continuous loop pulling you round on your weapon
of choice, be it kneeboard, waterskis or wakeboard.

Of course, cable tows are great as it means no
expensive boat or fuel costs, plus it gives you plenty
of time to practice. Given a bit of determination and
time, you'll be whizzing round the lake no problem,
rather than hanging on for dear life!
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