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About us :

               We are an online marketing & web company that has spent loads of money
               over the years trying to promote what we were doing in Newspapers -
              Magazines -  Expensive Professional Glossy Websites and the like
               without having much success ... The stats or viewing figures spoke for themselves.
              After taking matters into our own hands - ( we could trust ourselves ) things
               began to get clearer ... First small results - then more and more as we got to know
               how to get seen in the best places ... This is what we found :-
We believe that expensive advertising is dead money &
because we have had first hand experience of paying for
BIG promises that deliver very little or no results in
magazines and newspapers etc...

We have now taken up the challenge
Our hunch was that if we had a go ourselves at using web based SEO techniques
and after studying analytical product & mind mapping tags, £49 could get you more results
than one or two grands worth of any other kind of advertising campaign ......
and Wow did it work !

We are now specialising in marketing methods that actually work to generate very effective results
from low cost simple advertising in places where your business gets noticed fast.
Are you like us ?
A full years’ advertising for less than £1 per week !
Just £49 will get your business seen throughout our websites for a whole year
That’s for any size ad, with a link direct to your own website, if you have one.
Secure payment via PayPal and your advertising is in place for the year,
though you can change your ad as often as you like throughout the year,
just email it to us & we’ll do the rest.u
We can offer you -
The Best Deal Ever -
to make sure that you get
what you are looking for
We also do advertising - only £49 per year
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