Find someone Special with
There is always
Someone out there
for everyone ...
Myth or Fact ? …
Dating - Luvu
Dating News for 2016
We get behind the pros & cons of Online Dating and give independent advice on meeting someone new
from making friends to finding happiness with that special someone to become a part your life.
            Are you fed up of coming home from work to an empty house ?

There are Thousands of dating sites out there suiting every lifestyle so which one do you choose ?
Here are just a couple to get you started …
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Do you perhaps dream of going on holiday & finding your new partner - maybe this will help …
The thing is …  Think …    Safety First …
Love Happens in the strangest of places :
Supermarkets - College - Work -  Friends
   But  - Are we really in control ?
Whatever you choose to do …
We wish you luck …
Luvu X.
Meeting someone on line is ok
But NEVER give out your personal
Details until you know who they
REALLY are …