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I feel if there is a product out there which matches

our clients criteria I can provide a fast confidential

service right through to completion & release of funds.

Lomond Loans have a track record we are Extremely Proud Of.  

“With us Its Possible”

Email: apply@lomondfinancial.co.uk

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At one time, to most people ... it didn’t really matter if your car was

an old banger or brand new. Nowadays, however... Each of us seem

to have that special relationship with our cars & some of us even spend more than the price of a brand new car just on a make-over !

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                          Thinking of buying a Car ?                                           or a new Bike maybe ? ....

TV’s Wheeler Dealers’ Mike Brewer and Edd China will be

back to host the Live Stage in the car halls,

with restoration challenges, game shows, and special guests

Friday 16th November onwards
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