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 Simply e-mail us your Ad Here or give us a call to discuss your requirements.
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 its uploaded so you can see how good it looks live -
 any adjustments or future changes are Free
  Then when you are happy - pay us by BACS Bank transfer -
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* Our Team can create an Advert for you if you wish at no extra cost

Any size Ad
We have unlimited webspace &
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Important  Security information :

Luvu.biz is an independently owned & run website and is NOT connected to any
printed newspaper or magazine.

We DO NOT ask for your card details & Never send out unsolicited invoices -

Payment to Luvu.biz is by BACS / Cheque or PayPal  -
You can pay securely online to PayPal
 when you are satisfied with the advert we have created for you.
Luvu.biz - Bringing Business to you is what we do - We’re
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We can Help
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Safe Payment ?
Satisfaction Guaranteed
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Ok - So Who will see my Ad and how do I know How many see it ?
Well …. On our Activity Website
   we have over 1600 topics     
We carefully display clients Ads in the
maximum web presence locations throughout
The informative content and places of interest
do the “sales pitch” for us so that you are always
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We include Free weblinks to your website
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Our online Webzine www.itstheone4u.com has in excess of ½ million pages
Featuring family related lifestyle topics and has been going 10 years now
We make full use of any
relevant content and give
priority to submissions by our
paid advertisers.
If a topic or page has an offer
for products or services that
are unique then they usually
do quite well ….

It goes without saying that we
also integrate Social Networking
to announce events offers and
anything of  particular interest