We are an internet marketing and promotions company with over 10 years experience established in 1985 and creating Luvu.biz 2010.
Our forte is ‘Bringing Business to you’ through activities, events, tourism and geographic sites throughout the UK.  
Web clients feature their latest events, attractions and product offers which are illustrated in our comprehensive range
of high traffic websites and online magazines with over half a million pages to date.
This works in the form of eye catching banners with informative advertising and exciting web page content which is
carefully SEO integrated with everyone’s favourite leisure activities, hobbies and pastimes.  

We do not ask you to sign up or log in because there is no need to :-
Our websites are Family friendly and do not display any adult content or collect any personal data.

What we do

From a Business point of view, our informative content and places of interest do the “sales pitch” for us so that we are
always in the right place at the right time when our visitors are browsing.

It doesn’t matter if you already have a website as we can direct high volume traffic to it.

Over the years we have been increasingly concerned with how the Internet
has been shaping & growing into the monster it has now become.
Family friendly websites & childsafe topics are our main objective and
our mission is simply to try and make the net a Safer, Happier
place for all of us by “SafeSurf”  registering our websites.

We are hoping to provide you with your own Chill out zone to come & go as you please.

So ... have happy hours of fun browsing our sites !

Thank you

from Chris Brown   Luvu Marketing.co.uk and Luvu.biz

Firstly, may we take this opportunity to say thanks for arriving here & welcome you to
our pages and sites ... Enjoy your Visit

People are now getting smarter with shopping around and have finally realised that buying online
is not only safe - but can also save you loads of money.
If you are a shop or Business, there has never been a better opportunity to grab the attention of
potential customers and our web sites have produced some fantastic visitor stats results.
After all - (Bringing Business to you is what we do )

We have excellent service providing 24/7 server capacity offering unlimited bandwidth
& web space which means that all of our web pages are loaded quickly and effectively along
with the bonus offer of our Free weblinks, Facebook, Twitter bulletins & a banner exchange programme.

Great News ...

Our National Advertising cost is from only £49 per year which gives full coverage (details here)   
Affiliate companies generate revenue for us on a daily basis by displaying household name
products and services from appropriate subject matter without the usual hard sell tactics.
Therefore, because there are no contractual obligations, we can generate very effective results
on a one off or annual campaign from low cost simple advertising and marketing methods that
actually work.  

Why not get in touch to find out more ...  Tel: 0780 441 3734
                                                                                                                                                         or email  info@luvu.biz

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Bringing Business to you is what we do   
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